Our Business Model

Edison GTD Energy Services, Inc.

Edison GTD Energy Services, Inc. is an American company registered in Pennsylvania to engage in the power generation business, and it is the parent and holding company for Edison GTD Energy Services (Nigeria) Limited, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary utility company registered and operating in Nigeria. The company has been created as a private investor-owned utility company to provide a platform for American and multinational companies to invest in the massive power generation opportunities in Nigeria. There are opportunities for companies with expertise and practical know-how in all areas of power generation:

  • Fuel supply, transportation and delivery companies
  • Subcritical and Supercritical Boiler Island major equipment manufacturers
  • Turbine Generator Island major equipment manufacturers
  • High temperature and high pressure piping and valves manufacturers
  • Power transmission equipment manufacturers
  • Transmission and Sub-transmission substation equipment manufacturers
  • Energy sales and electric service provider and meter companies
  • Private investors interested in base load power generating plant financing

The Board of Directors of Edison GTD Energy Services, Inc. will be recommended and nominated by the management of the various individual companies which form the holding company. The company will be responsible for deciding base load power plant sizes, obtaining licenses and permits, negotiating with Nigerian Government Agencies, obtaining international financing for projects, and selecting major EPC contractors in power generation stations construction.

Edison GTD Energy Services (Nigeria) Limited

This company which is registered and based in Nigeria is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Edison GTD Energy Services, Inc. Edison GTD Energy Services (Nigeria) Limited will own, operate and maintain all power plants constructed in Nigeria by Edison GTD Energy Services, Inc. It will also be engaged in power transmission, distribution and energy trade for all the energy to be dispatched to industrial, commercial and private customers from Edison power generating plants in Nigeria.

Edison GTD Energy Services (Nigeria) Limited will, at a minimum, have the following fully staffed departments to help it fulfill its mission of firm, reliable, and uninterrupted, high quality power supply to all customers:

  • Power Generation
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Transmission and Distribution
  • Power Generation Equipment Maintenance
  • Energy Sales and Customer Service
  • Personnel Training in all areas of power generation

A major mission of Edison GTD Energy Services (Nigeria) Limited is to resolve all the known risk issues in power generation, transmission, distribution and energy sales in Nigeria by working in harmony with Nigerian regulatory authorities and customers in delivering its services.